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Industry News
What is the role of the combination screw
Release time:2021-05-21 16:49:00人气:

In recent years, the automotive industry competition has become increasingly fierce, and major manufacturers continue to introduce new styles. In addition to paying attention to safety, cost-effectiveness, and novel styles, these new cars pay more attention to the economy of the car. Satisfy the needs of customers.
In order to get used to the cold connection technology of connecting two or more metal plates, Jinyi Hardware has launched a new combination screw product, and the special combination screw penetrates the top plate. In the future, the hollow structure of the screw tail is combined under the action of the riveting die. Extend the penetration without piercing the underlying sheet, and then form a robust riveting point.
  So, what is the function of the combination screw? Jinyi Hardware will specifically describe:
1. Combination screws can connect light metals, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, in the production of car bodies, the self-piercing riveting skills of the combination screws create favorable conditions for quick production and assembly line operation. The connection between the truck compartment plates is of great significance.
  2. In order to end the economy, the selection of body materials is very necessary, such as choosing light metal or non-metal materials, because these materials cannot use welding and traditional riveting skills. Because the combination screw can finish punching and riveting once without affecting the appearance, it is chosen by Kuanguang automobile manufacturers.

Dongguan Ningli Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

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