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Industry News
What are the characteristics of the combined screw assembly
Release time:2021-05-21 16:49:00人气:

Features of the newly planned combined screw assembly. Regarding the functions and defects of the typical structure, a combined screw assembly was planned to replace the original typical structure. The newly planned combined screw assembly has the same function as the typical floating nut assembly, and the interface dimensions are consistent with the original structure. First of all, some improvements have been made in the structure. The screw and nut in the original structure are changed to a combined screw structure. The combined screw and fixing plate are made of reinforced nylon and die-casted; the floating nut block is made of standard square nuts.
  When installing, just put the floating nut block into the groove in the center of the fixed plate, close to the flash edge of the cabinet, and then press in the combination screw and mandrel by hand to complete the installation. The floating nut block in the new component relies on the groove on the fixed plate to limit and provide a floating space, which is consistent with the principle and function of the original component. The new rivet component has wonderfully improved the defects of the original component, giving it new features.

Dongguan Ningli Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

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