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Corporate News
Combined screw management to avoid defects
Release time:2021-05-21 16:48:00人气:

Recently, the European Union has conducted anti-evasion investigations on composite screws made by China Steel. This is the rise of counterattack strength after the large-scale anti-dumping in 2009. Avoiding anti-dumping of composite screws and implementing zero-defect handling may be one way.
  Combined screw zero-defect management is a brand-new management concept. Doing the job right once is a new concept and a new challenge for personal life and various tasks. It is necessary for the combination screw company to change the economic growth mode to adapt to the new situation, new concepts, and use a new mentality to meet new challenges.
There are four basic principles of the zero-defect management model: First, the quality must meet the objective requirements of customers and the mall. The final policy of operating a combination screw company and producing a standardized product is to meet the needs of the mall. Once the contract is signed, it must be completed. Therefore, the essence of quality is honesty, not just "good"; second, the system of quality is prevention, not inspection, and eliminates the cause of the fault before the fault is presented, rather than inspection and post-checking, after training, teaching, Models and leadership can prevent it, and it is necessary for senior leaders to continuously pay attention to and measure the system; third, the quality of the operating principle is zero defects, not almost the same: the value of fault is too high for us to ignore, that is, for the first time Just do the work well, not almost. It is necessary to go through the training, supply time, and equipment of the staff to reach the policy that meets the request; fourth, if the quality specification does not meet the request, the value will be paid.
The original intent of   Zero Defects focuses on a determination and a mentality, that is, never give way to faults! This kind of uncompromising emotion is embodied in: First, never let go of any subtle quality doubts, and carefully find factors to solve them thoroughly; second, use the most active, careful, and cautious emotions to prevent the onset of doubts. Preventing the onset of doubt is the highest level of quality management. The result is that the company's products meet the user's request, that is, the product has no defects. This is entirely a result of handling. Therefore, zero defects can be regarded as a code of conduct in operations and a request for handling of employees.
When everyone in a combination screw company does this, then a kind of the most excellent quality civilization occurs. A combination screw company with such a quality civilization is a "learning arrangement", which is "zero defect". Handle the final goal to be reached.
  If a combination screw company carefully promotes zero-defect management, it will bring a great change to the decline in costs. Regarding the cost of quality, it can be understood through the following formula: cost of quality = value that meets the request + value that does not meet the request. "The value of meeting the request" refers to the cost of doing the work right for the first time, and the "value of not meeting the request" should make us realize the existence of the cost wasted, and then clearly determine the direction for improvement.
  As long as a combination screw company pursues zero defects, it uses its own efforts to minimize losses and completes the "3N" process quality control policy, that is, no defective products are accepted, no defective products are produced, and no defective products are delivered. Achieve the process quality control policy of "zero defective product circulation rate". Then, zero defects can be reached.

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