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Corporate News
4 major trends in the future development of screw manufacturers
Release time:2021-05-21 13:54:36人气:

How will screw manufacturers develop trends in the next two years? Above we have analyzed in detail the past two years of American screw development, from which we can see that the prospects for the development of the American screw industry are still very endless. With the gradual recovery of the US economy, screw manufacturers are gradually on the right track. In the future, screws will develop in the following four major trends:
  1. The real estate and construction industries in the United States will fully recover. However, the development of the screw industry still needs to be clearer than the previous large backlog of inventory, which can be determined by the market. And this also depends on the rise in the employment rate in the United States, because the employment rate directly affects the determination of American consumers to purchase new homes. Nonetheless, we expect that in the future, with the increase in improved residential remodeling, the real estate market in the United States will see a considerable increase, which will then drive the increase in screw manufacturers.
  2. Except for Taiwan and mainland China, the import market of American screws will be diversified. Emerging economies will enter the screw manufacturers, because buyers will be more inclined to find more stable suppliers in addition to traditional shopping malls, in order to save costs and shorten the delivery time. The shipping companies have also adapted to this development trend and expanded the shipping routes of the main ports.
  3. The shipment of imported screws will stop at the US to get closer to the end users. In the past seven years, cargoes from Asia have been gradually shifted to the eastern ports of the Panama Canal, as this way the company can prevent reductions in its shipping costs at ports in southern California. They want to make full use of the expanded Panama Canal to transport goods from Southeast Asia and India to the west via ships. Figure 6 shows the overall trading trend of US screws in the past 7 years.
  4. Developed economies such as Europe and the United States will continue to import most screws and other commodities from my country. However, manufacturers in these countries will focus on some common commodities, and make good use of the advantage of rising logistics costs to better serve their customers.
  The development of the American screw industry in the past two years has been quite rugged, but looking forward to the future, screw manufacturers will certainly recover to the previous level of development. Perhaps, we will face some challenges that include economic and political micro-elements, but at the same time, the screw company will also usher in a lot of room for development, and the prospects are still very impressive.
  In the past 2 years, the global trading format has undergone endless changes. Not only companies in the United States and Europe have experienced a prolonged period of economic weakness, but the world has also noticed the reduction in demand from traditional economies. Although the GDP of my country and other Asian countries continues to increase, the slow economic recovery momentum of Western countries has slowed down the growth rate of the global economy. Therefore, when we analyze the screw industry, we first need to have a full understanding of the entire supply chain and stakeholders.
  The healthy development of the screw market is based on many other occupations. The need for screws is affected by many factors such as real estate, shopping malls, manufacturing, and the company's production of economic commodities. It is very necessary to analyze the factors that affect the supply of screws, because we can understand the final cost expectations of screw manufacturers through analyzing these factors, and these factors mainly include steel and copper prices, shipping costs and loading capacity. Understanding and paying attention to these professions will help us fully grasp the development trend of the screw profession in the next year.

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