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Stainless steel combination screw
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Stainless steel combination screw
  Introduction to stainless steel combination screws:
Stainless steel combination screws, as the name implies, are a kind of screw hardware products produced from stainless steel screw wires. Most of the stainless steel raw materials are stainless steel SUS304. There are many varieties of stainless steel combination screws. There are stainless steel pan head combination screws and stainless steel outer Hexagon combination screw, stainless steel pan head combination screw refers to a three-component combination of stainless steel pan head screw with stainless steel spring washer and stainless steel flat washer, stainless steel outer hexagon combination screw refers to stainless steel cross recessed hexagon socket bolt with stainless steel spring Three combination screws with flat pads.
The stainless steel combination screw is made of stainless steel screw wire. First, punch out the pan-head screw or the hexagonal screw inspection, and manually put the stainless steel flat spring washer on the screw. If there is an active cushioning machine, directly divide the screw. , Spring pads and flat pads are separately placed on the combined screw pad machine, the machine will actively rub it, and after rubbing it, it will actively rub the teeth. The color of the screwed stainless steel combination screw is natural. At this time, it is necessary to clean the natural stainless steel combination screw to make it beautiful and shiny. If the customer requests more than 72 hours from the smoke, at this time, the stainless steel combination screw needs to be passed to the electroplating factory for passivation treatment. Make it salt spray for more than 72 hours.
  Stainless steel combination screw electroplating technology:
Electroplating of stainless steel combination screws is usually not required. Since the nature is stainless steel SUS304, it only needs to be cleaned. The nature is bright, but some customers need to electroplate stainless steel combination screws into black zinc and electroplating into various colors. Yes, at this time, we need to take the electroplating treatment, and take it to the electroplating factory, and the color required by the electroplating customer.
  Stainless steel combination screw use scale:
  Stainless steel combination screws are widely used in electrical, electrical, mechanical equipment, electronic products, ships, chemicals, water conservancy, etc., to fasten the parts of equipment products and components.

Dongguan Ningli Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

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